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    Thousands of hunters head out as new hunting season begins

    Thousands of hunters headed out on Sunday — the first day of the island’s new hunting season on both sides of the divide — with the Game Service appealing to all of them to show respect to each other and to other people’s property.

    At the same time, police sent out a warning that the law on hunting should be respected by all.

    And that they will be ready to assist in case of an emergency.

    Meanwhile, the Game Service appealed to all hunters to abide by the following rules:

    • To drink plenty of liquids (water and fruit juice)
    • Avoid the consumption of alcohol
    • To plan their route from before and to give themselves adequate time to get to the area where they plan to hunt and to return to their car
    • To avoid hunting alone and to ensure someone always knows where they will be hunting
    • To have a plan as to what to do in the event of an emergency

    The Game Service said that the lighting of fires in non-designated areas is strictly prohibited and poses and very high fire risk because of scorching temperatures.

    Hunters are urged to familiarise themselves with the hunting areas and to immediately report any illegality to police.

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