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    Brief respite with Temperatures under 40s, dust in atmosphere

    A low pressure system is still affecting the area, but the island will get a brief spell of under 40 temperatures.

    Clear skies throughout, with a thin layer of dust in the atmosphere for most of the day.

    Winds will mainly be westerly to southwesterly, initially light force three, later turning moderate force three to four and gradually becoming moderate four and strong force four to five with very strong force five to six in southern and northern coastal regions.

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    Seas will be slight, turning moderate in the early afternoon over southern and northern coastal areas. Temperatures will rise to 38 degrees Celsius inland, 35 over northern, eastern and southeastern coastal regions and around 31 in the west and southwest as well as over the mountains.

    Overcast this evening at intervals, mainly in the west and north. Winds will start out moderate southwesterly to northwesterly and locally strong force four to five, dropping later to light force three to moderate force four, over slight to moderate seas in western and northern coastal areas and slight in the rest of the coastal regions.

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    Temperatures will drop around 22 degrees Celsius inland, the southern and eastern coastal regions, 24 in the rest of the coastal areas and 17 on the mountains.

    Isolated showers expected on Sunday in the eastern part of the island, turning fine again Monday and Tuesday, with showers however later in certain inland areas and over the mountains.

    Temperatures will drop further, around the seasonal average.

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