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    South Cyprus: One new Covid-19 case, second from same Bulgaria flight

    Another person — a passenger from Bulgaria — has tested positive for coronavirus after 1,104 tests, the Health Ministry said on Thursday.

    The individual was on the same flight on Tuesday as the one case that was reported yesterday.  The two are not connected nor were they sitting close to each other on the airplane.

    Both were detected by random testing.  Earlier on Thursday, the Health Ministry announced that Bulgaria was being moved to Group B as from Monday which means all arrivals will require a negative coronavirus test. Until then, all passengers from Bulgaria will be tested on arrival.

    Today’s case was detected among 490 tests of passengers and repatriates.

    In addition, the ministry said the following tests were carried out, all with negative result:

    • 171 from the programme of 10,000 employees who returned to work as part of phase 2 and 3 of the reopening of the economy
    • 176 from private initiative
    • 36 from tracing of contacts of already confirmed cases
    • 2 from the programme by the Labour Ministry
    • 163 from  hospital labs
    • 66 from referrals of personal doctors and checks of special groups through public health clinics

    The total number of positive cases is now 992.


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