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    South Cyprus: New cases rise to 15 but experts not concerned

    South Cyprus Health Ministry’s expert scientists announced on Tuesday 15 new cases of coronavirus, a sharp rise from the 5 reported yesterday, out of a total of 2999 diagnostic tests, raising the total number to 837 (including 10 in the British Bases).

    Dr Leontios Kostrikis said that despite the increase in new cases, it does not reverse the positive picture of recent days, also mentioning that the number of tests today was quite high at around 3,000.

    The results are:

    • 2 from the large-scale 20,000 tests among workers (727 tests today)
    • 6 through tracing of the contacts of positive cases  (237 tests today)
    • 2 from public hospital labs (210 tests today)
    • 1 from repatriations (1 test today)
    • 4 from private initiative (920 tests today)
    • None from testing of public hospital staff (93 tests today)
    • None from 2,000 tests of workers in the food and drink sector and elderly homes (508 tests today)
    • None from random testing of 800 people (285 tests today)

    From the 20,000 tests since April 11, a total of 17,014 have been completed.

    The random testing of 800 people from the general public has been completed. Of the 800 people who agreed to participate, 779 showed up to give a sample, of whom only one person tested positive.

    At 3 pm on Tuesday, there were 15 patients at Famagusta Hospital, one of them in the increased care unit. All are in good condition.

    Four were discharged.

    There are four intubated patients in ICUs, three at Nicosia Hospital and one at Limassol Hospital. Another two patients are in Nicosia Hospital ICU, but are not intubated. Their condition is described as critical but stable.

    In addition, there are five confirmed Covid-19 cases in hospital wards other than Famagusta Hospital.

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