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    South Cyprus: Dozens booked for breaking decree

    Police have booked 73 individuals and found violations at three premises after carrying out 4758 checks overall in the last 12 hours.

    In one incident, police found a number of people clearing the gardens of a Paphos hotel, and they were reported.

    In a second case, a shop was in operation in violation of decrees and in a third, a man in the Morphou district who decided to visit his neighbor was booked, as was his host.

    In total, police checked 518 premises and found three were in violation.

    Police also carried out 4240 checks on pedestrians and drivers and booked 73.

    Nicosia: 1171 checks, 14 booked

    Limassol: 1,101 checks, 32 booked

    Larnaca: 755 checks, 10 booked

    Paphos: 756 checks, 13 booked

    Famagusta: 184 checks, 3 booked

    Morphou: 84 checks, none booked

    Police HQ traffic unit: 164 checks, 1 booked

    MMAD: 25 checks, none booked

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