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    South Cyprus COVID: Scientific Committee on the pandemic in limbo

    For the second week in a row, South Cyprus Advisory Scientific Committee on the pandemic has not met even though there are serious issues pending like the vaccination of young people.

    The reason is the unwillingness of some of the members to participate in any meeting, since, as they claim, it is imperative to first clarify the issue of their legal immunity for all the suits filed by the citizens and which are related to the decrees and the lockdowns imposed in the previous period.

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    The group of scientists which had raised the issue of legal immunity from the very beginning, noted that it is more correct not to provide any advice to the South Cyprus Health Ministry and not to have any discussion until it is clear whether South Cyprus government will satisfy their request.

    Until yesterday afternoon, it has not been made clear whether any meeting of the Committee’s members would take place soon.

    So far some of the scientists have been asked to appear in court and others have received suits by citizens.

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