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    South Cyprus Covid: New coronavirus travel categorization of countries.

    South Cyprus Health Ministry on Monday announced the new coronavirus travel categorization of countries based on their epidemiological picture with Greece now upgraded from orange to the green list.

    In effect as from Thursday, the other countries upgraded from orange to the green list are Croatia, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Slovenia.

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    At the same time, Switzerland and Lichtenstein were upgraded from red to the green list.

    All countries included in this group will not be required to follow testing procedure or quarantine measures, upon their arrival in Cyprus.

    Moreover, Andorra, Spain, Holland, Serbia and Canada from upgraded from red to the orange list.

    Citizens of countries who are listed in this category will be required to present a negative result of the Coronavirus test, not older than 72 hours.

    Specifically, EU Member States on the green list are: 1) Malta, 2) Poland, 3) Romania, 4) Austria, 5) Bulgaria, 6) Czech Republic, 7) Hungary, 8) Germany, 9) Italy, 10) Finland, 11) Slovakia, 12) Croatia, 13) Estonia, 14) France, 15) Greece, 16) Lithuania, 17) Luxembourg, 18) Slovenia.And those from the Schengen Area are: 1) Iceland, 2) Norway, 3) Switzerland, 4) Liechtenstein

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    Third Countries: 1) Australia, 2) New Zealand, 3) Singapore, 4) Saudi Arabia, 5) South Korea, 6) Israel

    Moreover, orange list countries which are EU members are: 1) Portugal, 2) Ireland, 3) Belgium, 4) Denmark, 5) Latvia, 6) Sweden, 7) Spain, 8) The Netherlands.

    Also on the orange list is the small states of Andorra, and from Third Countries: 1) China, including Hong Kong and Macau, 2) United Kingdom, 3) United States of America, 4) Japan, 5) Serbia, 6) Canada.



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