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    South Cyprus: 80 booked for breaking decree overnight

    A total of 80 drivers and pedestrians were booked for breaking the lockdown decree overnight — nearly half of them in Limassol — with police carrying out 3293 checks from 6 pm on Wednesday to 6 am on Thursday.

    The breakdown of the checks:

    Nicosia: 857 checks, 18 booked

    Limassol: 1276 checks,  38 booked

    Larnaca: 338 checks, four booked

    Paphos: 136 checks, seven booked

    Famagusta: 211 checks, nine booked

    Morphou: 243 checks, one booked

    Police HQ traffic: 180 checks, three booked

    MMAD: 52 checks, none booked

    Moreover, police carried out 974 checks of premises and found one, in Nicosia,  to be in violation.

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