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    South Cyprus: 74 violations of coronavirus decree overnight

    Police carried out 2860 checks on pedestrians and drivers overnight and booked a total of 73 for breaking the lockdown, with Limassol again recording the highest number of violations.

    In addition, police also checked 490 premises and found one — in Limassol — was in violation of decrees to contain the spread of coronavirus.

    As regards the restriction of movement decree police checks were as follows:

    Nicosia: 492 checks, 10 booked

    Limassol: 36 booked

    Larnaca: 237 checks, none booked

    Paphos: 564 checks, 14 booked

    Famagusta: 183 checks, 5 booked

    Morphou: 137 checks, none booked

    Police HQ traffic unit: 327 checks, one booked

    MMAD: 51 checks, 7 booked

    As regards premises there were 137 checks in Nicosia, 31 in Limassol (one violation), 77 in Larnaca, 148 in Paphos, 23 in Famagusta and 74 in Morphou.

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