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    Siberian villagers quarantined inside Russian trench

    Living in Siberia must already feel isolated enough to many who call it home, but now Russian authorities have dug a trench around a remote village to keep residents inside. Dozens of locals in the village of Shuluta have become infected with COVID-19, it’s believed after attending a traditional shaman ritual last month. Located in Siberia’s Buryatia region, tiny Shuluta has 37 confirmed cases of the virus among its only 390 residents. At the end of last month it was decided to surround the area with a ditch, with the intention being to discourage tourists from driving though the village to a nearby national park. It also limits movement for the locals, some of whom have been skeptical about an order to self-isolate, like Engelsina Shaboyeva who has tested positive for the virus. “I don’t believe it at all. There should be some symptoms at least. I have none. So, I don’t believe it.” The introduction of the ditch means the only road in to the village is now patrolled by local officials and Russian national guards who are only allowing entry to ambulances and food deliveries.
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