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    Showers and storms over next three days, under 30C but rising next week

    As autumn gradually sets in, showers become a daily occurrence across the island, with temperatures dropping to the under 30s inland and over the coastal areas and close to single digits in the evening over the mountains.

    Today, overcast skies from noon onwards, will bring showers and isolated storms inland and gradually over the east and the mountains.

    Winds will initially be light westerly to northwesterly force three, turning light to moderate southwesterly to northwesterly early in the afternoon, force three to four and in southern coastal regions, strong force four to five, over calm to slight seas and slight in the afternoon.




    Temperatures will rise to 29 degrees Celsius inland, the eastern and southeastern coastal regions, 27 in the rest of the coastal areas and 20 on the mountains.

    Overcast skies this evening will possibly bring isolated showers mainly in western and northern coastal regions.

    Winds will be southwesterly to northwesterly, gradually turning light northeasterly force three, over calm to slight seas and slight in western areas.

    Temperatures will drop around 16 degrees Celsius inland, 18 in coastal areas and 12 on the mountains.

    Isolated showers are expected tomorrow and through to Tuesday, with temperatures stable over the weekend, but gradually rising next week over the seasonal average.

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