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    Random Covid-19 tests for 297 passengers at Larnaca Airport yesterday

    A total of 297 passengers from the 1304 onboard 11 flights from Group A countries that landed at Larnaca Airport yesterday underwent random testing for coronavirus as part of the government’s efforts to keep track of the epidemiological situation.

    Cyprus’ airports entered phase two of their operation yesterday. Arrivals from the 22 countries in Group A no longer require proof they have tested negative for coronavirus no later than 72 hours prior to departure. Arrivals from the 12 Group B countries do.

    All of yesterday’s flights were from Group A countries that do not require the PCR test for Covid-19. However, in line with a government decision to carry out about 300 random tests each day, a total of 297 passengers were tested.

    Tests will also be carried out today at Larnaca and at Paphos Airport which later this evening will welcome its first two flights, one from Thessaloniki and the other from Tel Aviv.

    Moreover, testing on all repatriations is continuing as normal, the government said.


    The Cyprus News Agency reports that arrivals yesterday were from Greece, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

    It added that 13 arrivals are scheduled today from Sofia, Budapest, Bucharest, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki and Vienna.

    Twelve departures are scheduled for Greece, Bulgaria, Israel and Austria.

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