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    Queues at Metehan checkpoint – more than 600 crossed in Lefkosa

    Increased traffic has been observed at checkpoints on Monday compared to yesterday, both to and from the TRNC, philenews reports.

    More than 600 people have reportedly crossed until 11 am via the two Lefkosa checkpoints, while crossings are ongoing.

    In particular, according to the police, by 11 am more than 480 people crossed from the TRNC to the South through the Ledra Palace and Metehan checkpoints in Lefkosa, while another 120 people crossed from the areas controlled by South Cyprus to the TRNC.

    In total, 280 vehicles crossed through the two checkpoints to the South and 60 vehicles crossed to the TRNC.

    The police said that from Saturday, June 13 until Sunday, June 21, a total of 122 people Cyprus-wide crossed to the South through the open checkpoints. The greatest number of crossings had been recorded yesterday when 51 people had crossed to the South. Only 15 people crossed to the TRNC on June 16, 19 and 21.

    Turkish-Cypriot vehicles have been forming queues at the Metehan checkpoint as a result of the TRNCs decision yesterday to open five checkpoints.

    South Cyprus has allowed crossings from all checkpoints except Ledra Street on presentation of a negative PCR test.






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