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Published circular of pandemic measures to be implemented at Ercan Airport

Ercan Airport
Ercan Airport

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation has issued a circular on pandemic measures to be implemented at Ercan Airport.

The important articles in the circular aiming to prevent the spread of aviation activities during Covid-19 at Ercan Airport are as follows:

The measures and personal protective equipment determined by the health authorities of the passengers who will use the airport are mandatory. People who do not comply with this rule will not be admitted to the airport, facilities, and aircraft.

Passengers who will use private-public transport services to reach the airport will not be allowed to be unmasked.

The body temperatures of all passengers using the airport will be checked.

Non-passengers will not be allowed to enter the terminal building, except for accompanied passengers.

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Unmasked people will not be allowed to enter the airport.

Personal protective equipment, medical mask gloves, and face protective glasses will be provided by the employer for the personnel who will be in close contact with the passengers and their luggage.

Body temperatures will be Checked at the airport entrance or terminal building of the employees.

Measures will be taken to protect on social distancing, at least one meter in all facilities and terminal building of the airport.

A hand antiseptic will be placed before and after the checkpoint for the passengers to use.

Precautions for the passengers going to the airport will start from the parking lot area and it will be observed whether the passengers act in accordance with the social distance rule in this region and suspicious situations will be acted according to the airport pandemic plan.

Cabin baggage will not be accepted on flights, except for laptops, handbags, briefcases and baby goods.

The cleanliness of the areas where passengers are in contact will be increased.

Airport toilets and baby care rooms will be treated according to the rules of cleaning and disinfection after use.