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    Prime Minister Tatar “Wanted by Interpol” responded to the claims!

    First, let us briefly recall the incident in which businessman Asil Nadir spent a long time in England.

    Polly Pack, one of the UK’s largest companies, was owned by Nadir. Tax evasion, unfair earnings investigation was opened.

    The British police asked Nadir to come and testify. Nadir went to London to testify, given the guarantee of his lawyers.

    And then he was arrested. under house arrest shortly after fled to Turkey, then moved to his native Cyprus.

    The file in London is not closed yet. One of the people who need to testify in this case Prime Minister Tatar … since 1990, could not go to any country except Turkey. There is a risk of detention, especially in European countries.

    Oxford University graduate Tatar may be arrested if he goes to England..

    in the article, the writer said We want to believe that Mr. Ersin Tatar will give up his candidacy in order not to fall into situations that will cause an international crisis. We hope that Turkey also engaged in this issue.


    After the article release, Prime Minister Tatar sent a letter to the newspapers. In the letter, while expressing as unfounded the author’s claim, Tatar said “I am not wanted by Interpol,

    The report, which is signed by PGM Director Manavoğlu, states that Tatar is not wanted by Interpol.

    The report is as follows:

    tatar_belg A-001.jpg


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