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    Precautions to be taken at Hotels and Beaches

    Ministry of Labor and Social Security made a statement regarding the measures to be taken over Coronavirus at hotels and beaches (COVID-19).

    In the statement, according to Article 6 of the Occupational Health and Safety Law, the measures to be taken against the Coronavirus at hotels and beaches (COVID-19) are listed as follows:

    – Personal CV information should be recorded and filed in the personal files of all employees. Employees in the risk group announced by the Ministry of Health and Health Science Board should not be employed until the epidemic disease ends.

    – The methods to be used during the entry-exit records of the employees should be arranged so that they do not have physical contact.

    – All employees should receive training (e-training if possible) on Covid-19 and hygiene practices and plans and protocols to be implemented in the enterprise. The determined hygiene rules should be hung in the relevant areas for the employees to see.

    – The usage areas of the hotels and beaches should be disinfected every day before starting the activity. Tables, chairs, chaise lounges, etc. used after each customer use. disinfection should be done. Regular cleaning practices should be carried out, including routine cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, equipment and other elements of the work environment. Common areas such as work areas, sinks, toilets, bathrooms, stair railings, faucets and employee dining halls, restaurants, cafes, bars, guest rooms, resting areas, employee dressing/dressing rooms, doors, turnstiles, elevators, with appropriate hygiene materials cleaned.

    – The water heaters, television and air conditioning controls in the rooms should be disinfected when every guest leaves the hotel; During cleaning, a single-use cloth should be used for each room.

    – Arrangements should be made to use disposable materials (shampoo, soap, shower cap, glasses, cutlery, etc.) in the rooms.

    – Glass separators should be placed in the reception and especially in places where human movement is intense to protect the social distance and necessary markings should be made.

    – The social distance should be maintained by minimizing the number of seats and chairs in the lobby, foyer areas of the hotels to eliminate the interaction of people in the waiting, resting and sitting areas.

    – Sunbeds and umbrellas should be arranged in accordance with the social distance rules at the beaches.

    – It is obliged to apply the “Required Precautions Against Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Required Precautions” published by the Labor Office for Hotel and Beach enterprises, restaurant, cafe and bar sections.

    – Employees must pass through the designated controlled door and enter the facility. The employees of the supplier employees who come to bring products and / or provide services should be taken inside the appropriate conditions by performing the necessary controls in line with the measures announced by the Ministry of Health by the employee assigned at the door.

    – All closed areas, including working dining halls, should be frequently ventilated. The rooms should be opened to circulate air. Ventilation of workplaces with central ventilation systems should be arranged to ensure clean airflow, maintenance and filter changes of ventilation (air-conditioning) systems and aspirators should be done regularly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    – In order to minimize the contact in the working dining halls and to follow the contact easily; mealtimes should be determined according to the groups and if possible, the same people should be provided to eat at the same table. Similar rules should be observed during tea/coffee drinking breaks. It should be ensured that the materials to be used in these areas meet the basic hygiene requirements and that the food needs of the employees are met adequately and hygienically.

    – Hand hygiene should be considered. Employees should be informed about washing their hands with soap and water before entering the workplace and during work. If there is no access to water and soap, they should be provided to clean their hands frequently using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Information instructions explaining the importance of hand hygiene should be hung in places that everyone can see.

    – Housekeeping staff, waiters and security staff should wear masks and gloves. At appropriate intervals and after cleaning, the mask and gloves should be removed and thrown into the garbage in the workplace and hand hygiene should be ensured.

    – An appropriate working organization should be organized to ensure the social distance of the employees and each other or with the guests and to create healthy work areas throughout the workplace. Employees should be ensured to work in the same shift as much as possible.

    – Those working against the risk of disease transmission should use appropriate personal protective equipment determined and made mandatory by the Ministry of Health.

    – Work clothes and protective equipment should be removed before leaving the work area and should be kept separate from other clothes. These contaminated clothing and protective equipment should be cleaned by removing the virus.

    – All laundry (bed linen, towels, uniforms, tablecloths, etc.) should be washed at least 60 ° C (sixty degrees) against the risk of disease transmission.

    – If possible, an opportunity should be provided for working from home, depending on the characteristics of the department where the employees in health risk groups work.

    – Transportation with the service vehicle should be restricted as much as possible, and in cases such as the necessity of use, the contact of the employees using the service to the surfaces inside the vehicle should be reduced as much as possible. Social distance should be paid attention to the seating arrangement in the service and measures should be taken with the necessary personal protective equipment within the framework of the measures determined by the Ministry of Health.

    – If employees have complaints such as non-falling fever, cough and shortness of breath, they should be contacted immediately by wearing a suitable mask and taking into consideration the isolation rules of the Ministry of Health (Contact Phones: 0533 850 11 88 & 05488501188) it should be ensured that it reaches the health institution.

    – Employers; is obliged to follow the decisions of the public authorities about the epidemic and the information published by the Labor Office and to do what is necessary.

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