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    Police: Warning “no fires of any kind until October 31st.”

    The General Directorate of Police (PGM) Fire Department reiterated its warning that any fire burning is prohibited, even if it is for cleaning purposes, until October 31st.

    PGM Fire Department said in a statement that people who want to burn stubble should receive a conformity report on the burning of stubble from the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in September of each year, as well as a “Special Permit for Burning Stubble” from the Governor’s Office.

    FIRE BURNING RULES “Burning stubble without precaution burns the soil, land and forest,” the statement said, adding that the rules for lighting fires must be followed before burning, and the rules for lighting fires are as follows:

    “Fire should be lit between 05:00 and 10:00 in the morning in windless and stagnant weather.

    If the land to be lit is flat, there should be at least a ’20’ meter wide strip if it is inclined to ‘6’.

    The strip to be opened will be free of living and dead vegetation and the mineral soil will be cleaned to be exposed, or the strip will be driven by agricultural means.

    Tools and equipment for extinguishing should be provided that can neutralize any fire that will be on the land.

    It is not allowed to pile up and burn piles of grass, thorns, shrubs and branches next to telephones and electricity poles and trees.

    Even if precautions are taken, fires cannot be lit in the areas where military units and facilities are located and in the vicinity of power plants and fuel tanks.

    Citizens who see any signs of smoke or fire are strongly requested to contact the ALO 199 Fire Hotline, ALO 177 Forest Fire Hotline and 155 Police Helpline immediately.”

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