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    Pilli: We couldn’t remain closed forever

    Health Minister Ali Pilli noted that the pandemic continues in the world and said, “We could not remain closed forever. 

    We knew that we would see positive cases with the opening process. We prioritize health. “We continue to regulate the measures so as not to risk the public’s health, and we are working diligently to ensure that cases do not spread to the public.”

    Pilli said, “The absence of a pandemic hospital does not mean that our health system is not prepared for a possible epidemic.

    The number of beds has been increased, the devices are ready, the staff has been strengthened, the tests have been increased ”.

    Calling the public, “Be Uneasy, Be Prudent,” Minister of Health Pilli said, “wear a mask, maintain social distance, and reduce the risk by 90 percent if we comply with hygiene rules. I don’t think there will be a contamination if we follow these rules. ”

    The Prosecutor’s Office filed an appeal in the case brought by the Turkish Cypriot Medical Association (KTTB) to the Supreme Administrative Court (YİM), demanding the cancellation of the decision regarding the quarantine entry of high-risk countries into the TRNC without quarantine.

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    Health Minister Ali Pilli also joined the case filed.

    Pilli made a statement to the press after leaving the court and evaluated the developments in the opening process, answered questions.

    Reminding that the pandemic continues in the world, Pilli said that they are obliged to protect the health of the people and make decisions with this awareness.

    Touching on the process that started with the first incident in TRNC in March and noted that the people’s dedication and the work of the health personnel have reached today, Minister Pilli stated that the initiative is necessary for the economy and social life.

    “WE COULD NOT STAY CLOSED” Pilli stated that

    many countries are in the process of opening up, and in some of them, a single PCR was requested at the entrance to the country, “We could not remain closed forever.

    We knew that we would see positive cases with the opening process. We prioritize health. “We continue to regulate the measures so as not to risk the public’s health, and we are working diligently so that cases do not spread to the public.”

    Stating that the countries are categorized in the light of the World Health Organization (WHO) data, Pilli said that within the scope of their new decision, double PCR was requested, and those who performed the second PCR in the country would be kept in certain centers until the test results came out.

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    “Are there any signs of positive cases?” Minister Pilli, on the question of positive people, noted that general health conditions are good.

    Pilli stated that the passengers who have been tested at Ercan Airport, Staff have been working with extraordinary efforts to get the results quickly.

    Pilli said,“ We ​​are working to minimize the risk, ”noting that the PCR test and the 14-day quarantine are not guaranteed to bypass positive cases.

    Ali Pilli noted that there are risks that could threaten life in every area of ​​life and instantly, and this is not limited to corona virus.


    Pilli stated that there is no problem with the kits.

    He noted that the DNA capacity of Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital has increased the staff capacity, employing 10 more and increasing the number of employees here to 15.

    Dr. Pilli, who gave information about the department undergoing pandemic treatment in Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital, noted that the treatments are continuing in the department designated as neurology and urology, and the Outpatient Diagnosis Center was also allocated to this, “The number of intensive care beds was 6. We have made the Outpatient Diagnosis Center to return to an intensive care unit with 40 beds. ”

    Pilli also noted that the tools were not installed because they were not needed at the moment but were ready and said, “They will be operated when needed.”

    Stating that there is a capacity of 50 beds in the Neurological Diseases Hospital, Pilli reminded that the hotel was reserved for positive cases with symptoms and no treatment and that the contacts were followed in the hotel.

    Pilli added that there are also efforts to transform a hospital into a pandemic hospital.

    Commenting on the case, Pilli said that they always believe in the rule of law and act in accordance with the law.

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