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    Özersay: TC Workers in the south rules will change on June 22

    We have to consider not one part of the society, but all. ” 

    Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Özersay said will observed within 14 days from the date that Southern Cyprus has opened to international flights without quarantine from June 8th, and the 14-day period will expire on June 22. the picture will become more clear, “June 22, we will see how risky it is for Southern Cyprus to implement these arrivals without quarantine.

    “If there is no significant increase in cases on the Greek side at that time, we can start the practice of performing PCR tests before first pass regarding the workers working in the south and all our citizens living in Pile.”

    Özersay, “In a nutshell, after 10 days, daily crossing of the workers, from the north to the south may start if there is no deterioration in the current conditions. We can put the new model on international flights into effect as of July 1, ”he said.

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