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    Ozersay: 66 Positive by Sea, 33 Positive by Air

    The Council of Ministers meeting, which started under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Ersin Tatar, has ended.

    Kudret Özersay, the Spokesperson of the Council of Ministers, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs shared with the public the decisions taken at the meeting.

    The statement of the Spokesperson of the Council of Ministers Özersay is as follows:

    ‘Between July 1 and August 16, 37500 people arrived by air and 13195 by sea.

    By Sea 66, By Air 33 positive cases. The risk factor was found to be higher on arrivals by sea. The number of passengers arriving by sea was reduced to 250 per day.

    Passengers arriving by sea will wait at the port until the test results are released.

    Steps will be taken to increase the number and frequency of random test that have begun.

    Especially among the citizens who went to the Greek Cypriot side and were tested once at the beginning, tests will be made incidentally.

    The number of random tests will be increased at the points where the risk is higher.

    Although the tet results of the passengers from abroad are negative, they will start to do make random tests.

    checks on Passengers PCR negative paperwork will be more stringent in turkey before Boarding.

    The Ministries of Education and Health will announce at a press conference on education on 21 August, from which date and under which rules the education will start.

    Discussions were held on how measures can be taken, including entertainment and weddings. Some decisions will be made on these issues in the coming days. ‘


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