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    Over 1000 cross through Ayios Dometios checkpoint on Monday

    More than 1000 people moved to and from the TRNC on Monday, through the checkpoint of  Metahan (Ayios Dometios).

    According to South Cyprus’ police data, until 18.00 (local time) 605 people from the TRNC passed to the South and 493 people passed from the South to the TRNC passed through Metahan (Ayios Dometios) checkpoint in Lefkosa.


    The crossings are particularly high compared to the previous day which was the first day of the reopening of checkpoints after their temporary closure due to the measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Cyprus.

    South Cyprus implemented on Sunday, the decision to open the checkpoints for Cypriot citizens and persons residing legally in South Cyprus. On Sunday, 51 people passed through to the South. But it was not until Monday that the TRNC allowed the passage of Greek Cypriots and people permanently residing in the South.

    To pass, a certificate of molecular testing for COVID-19 disease with a negative indication is required, which in the case of the South must have been done at least 72 hours before each movement.


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