Oktay: “We are willing for a solution but we cannot accept the delaying tactics”


Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay stated, “We are willing for a solution but we cannot accept the delaying tactics”. Oktay delivered a speech at the ceremony organized within the framework of 20th July Peace and Freedom Day celebrations, held at Lefkoşa Dr Fazıl Küçük Boulevard.

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Oktay conveyed the love and regards of President Erdoğan as well as the Turkish people and pointed out that the Peace Operation ended the oppression, terror and inhumane suppression inflicted on the Turkish Cypriots.

Stating that the operation saved the Turkish people from oppression and brought freedom, welfare and a promising future, Oktay also said:  20th July is an occasion which assures the determination to protect the rights of Turkish Cypriots with peace and confidence as well as being a persistent reminder for those who wish to forget this.

On that day Turkey clearly showed that the Turkish Cypriots are not alone and they will never be. Besides this, it is also a historical assurance that we will not allow such immense suffering within the framework of the rights and obligations emanating from international treaties.

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Oktay further stated:

“Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots aimed to reach a fair and permanent solution on the basis of equal cooperation, they followed the right way with patience and made compromises. The Cyprus Issue is a matter of political will.

While the Turkish side is in favour of solution and equality, the Greek side is against these. It is self-evident that the Greek Cypriots do not want to share their political power with the Turkish Cypriots however we still want to believe that a negotiated solution on the basis of the will of two communities, who are the co-owners of the island, can be achieved.

We are still in favour of a solution. We are in favour of a fair solution which guarantees political equality of the Turkish Cypriots and eliminates their doubts over security however we cannot accept delaying tactics based on unilateral interests and negotiating for the sake of negotiating.

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