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    ‘No more hiding behind bushes’ for traffic police in the south

    Traffic police in the south will no longer hide behind bushes to catch offending drivers, in line with instructions from their new head, Phileleftheros reported on Tuesday.

    It said that Yiannis Georgiou, the new chief of the traffic unit at police headquarter had told a meeting with district traffic police heads that the presence of traffic police on the roads should be ‘evident’, with no officers hiding behind trees and bushes.

    Drivers should be aware of the presence of police officers on the roads and know that they could be subject to checks at any time, he said.

    Traffic heads were also asked to focus on black spots and on stretches where drivers tend to speed. Traffic police officers in the south will no longer stand at spots where the speed limit suddenly changes so as to ‘trap’ drivers but instead some 500 meters away from where the limit changes, Phileleftheros added.

    Instructions were also given to focus on the secondary road network, while traffic police in the south have been told not to pursue young motorists found to be breaking traffic regulations through the streets, but instead to take down their registration numbers and seek them out later.

    A new meeting will be held today.

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