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    No Full Bottle GAS left at the markets

    Since the announcement that the gas would go up shortly, citizens rushed to the markets. When demand was high, many grocery stores sold no gas. Bottle gas suppliers said distribution to dealers would be on Monday as they were closed over the weekend.

    After last Thursday’s fuel crisis in ther TRNC, now the gas crisis has started.

    Citizens rushed to the markets after receiving the news that there would be a hike in gas, as in fuel.

    As demand for gas increased, as of yesterday afternoon, many grocery stores were running out of gas.

    Koop Gas General Manager Nevzat Nevzat told KIBRIS that there is no problem with gas and that they continue to give tubes to all dealers as usual, stressing that they have the gas bills they gave last week.

    Nevzat said they were only closed over the weekend, but gas would continue to be supplied to dealers on Monday.

    Fuat Nalcioglu, president of the Marketers’ Association, told KIBRIS that the events related to oil have also mobilized consumers against gas and that there is a lot of demand for gas in the markets, stressing that suppliers continue to provide gas during the week.

    Preparation for an hike in fuel Price!


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