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    “Maraş is within our territory and our army protects it”

    In his speech at an event yesterday (19th June), Tatar pointed out that the issue of Maraş is an initiative and also emphasized that Maraş has always been on the agenda.

    “Maraş is within our territory and our army protects it” 1

    Stating that the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean brought about this initiative, Tatar said that the exploration work will be carried out, information deficiencies will be updated and underlined that the Immovable Property Commission will also be involved.

    Emphasizing that Maraş is a region within the TRNC, Tatar said “Maraş is within our territory and our army protects it.

    We are acting with the knowledge of Turkey. There is no federal basis settlement for Cyprus. If we sit at the negotiation table, new alternatives will arise. The Turkish Cypriot people are ready for a sustainable agreement on the basis of two separate states. After all this time, no one can put the Turkish Cypriots into a partnership republic.

    “We struggle for a solution that guarantees the rights of the Turkish Cypriot people”

    I do not think that the Turkish Cypriots would approve this. ”

    Mentioning the issue of sharing of natural wealth, Tatar said that the Greek Cypriots do not adhere to it. “There are also rights of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean. Yavuz and Fatih vessels are carrying out research in our regions.

    Turkey is acting within the law rules. The Greek Cypriots need to accept this” Tatar added.

    “Turkey is totally committed on the issue of Cyprus. They have a policy of protecting the Turkish Cypriots.

    “Those who want to disregard Turkey in the region will never succeed”

    It is not possible to defend the Cyprus issue without the support of Turkey. It is very important for us to act together with Turkey at such a time “Tatar said.

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