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    KTÖS: Do not send your children to school until the number of cases is under control.

    In his written statement, Şener Elcil underlines that it would be more appropriate to keep our children in your homes, which are safe in this chaotic situation until the number of cases is brought under control, we request that you do not send your children to school.

    Elcil, who holds the government responsible for the increase in the number of cases, argued that the number of cases increased due to “irresponsible decisions far from science” by the UBP-HP government.

    While the Ministry of National Education announced that the 1st and 2nd grades will start school for orientation training on September 7, Elcil, who argued that the Minister of Health Ali Pilli declared that the evaluation will be made for the opening of the schools on September 11 creates a contradiction. “Sending to schools these days can lead to irreversible situations.”

    Şener Elcil said, “With all these facts, students should not be accepted to schools until the number of cases is reduced and the Ministry of Health regains the control it lost, the opening of schools should be suspended by closely monitoring the process. Unless the UBP-DP Government fulfills their responsibilities regarding the epidemic, our teachers will not take additional responsibilities, ”he said.

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