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    Issue of Direct Flights Will go to Courts

    When work to construct the new terminal at Ercan Airport is completed, campaigns will be carried out in Europe and the UK for direct flights, Minister of Tourism Unal Ustel has said.

    Speaking on a televised broadcast, he said:

    I want the works for the construction of the new airport to be completed the soonest possible, so as to be able to press the courts on the issue of the direct flights”.

    The tourism minister also hit out at the Tasyapi Group’s owner Emrullah Turanli, whose company undertook the construction of the new airport, for delaying the works, for making mistakes and for causing financial losses to the country.

    The new Ercan Airport, which will operate at the same level as other modern in international with both passenger safety and flight safety and quality of service, will have a total of 30 airplane parking areas. The new airport will be six times the size of the current airport and will serve its passengers with 60 check-in desks and 44 passport checkpoints, 26 x-ray devices and 5,000 luggage capacity per hour.

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