Sunday, May 26, 2024
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    Isolated showers on the way, strong winds

    A low pressure system is affecting the area.

    Clear skies initially today, turning increasingly cloudy over the afternoon inland and on the mountains, with the possibility of isolated showers in places.

    Winds started out light to moderate southeasterly to southwesterly force three to four and will later be turning moderate southwesterly to northwesterly, and gradually strong in southern coastal regions, force four to five, over slight to moderate seas.

    Temperatures will rise to 34 degrees Celsius inland, 30 over the southern, eastern and northern coastal regions, 27 in the western and southwestern coastal areas and 26 over the mountains.

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    Thin mist and low cloud this evening, with light to moderate southwesterly to northwesterly winds, force three to four, later turning light variable force two to three, over calm to slight seas.

    Temperatures will drop to 19 degrees Celsius inland, 20 in coastal regions and 13 over the mountains.

    Tomorrow,  isolated showers and storms are expected inland, over the mountains and eastern areas early in the afternoon, with the possibility of hail.

    The storms pattern will continue through to Wednesday, with a drop in temperatures.

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