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    ‘Full-time’ Education for Greek Cypriot students in Karpaz

    For the first time, Greek Cypriot students will have afternoon activities such as foreign languages, computers, dance and arts at Rizokarpaso (Karpaz) schools in the north of Cyprus.

    It was announced that the Cyprus Ministry of Education will launch this program in October in cooperation with the “National Addiction Authority”.

    In the Rizokarpaso schools (kindergarten primary and high school), there are 43 students, two more than last year.

    Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs Fotis Fotiou told the Cyprus News Agency (KHA) that a family with six children would like to return to Rezokarpaso, which would increase the number of students to 49 and encourage them.

    Fotiou said the family’s application will be considered as soon as possible under existing laws.

    Commissioner Fotiou visited schools on Thursday and had the opportunity to talk with students, teachers, and parents, to exchange views and to listen to suggestions.

    During his visit, Fotiou and his assistants were briefed on the infrastructure and requirements. Depending on the weather conditions, all doors and windows should be changed urgently.

    Commissioner Fotiou said that a playground will be built for kindergarten students, that all the toys and especially the floor will be purchased by the government and that UNFICYO is expected to give the green light to Rezokarpaso.

    He announced that he had a teacher at the kindergarten and that the second one would be appointed as soon as possible, that the primary school had three teachers, that the high school had two, and that eleven were still waiting for UNFICYP permission to start work. 


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