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    Fuel price up again

    another Price hike for Fuel in the TRNC

    Fuel and gas prices have been increased.

    The fuel price hike will take effect from midnight. The Gas hike came into force when the decision was published in today’s edition of the Official Gazette.

    According to the 2021 Goods and Services (Regulation and Inspection) (Unleaded Gasoline (95 and 98 Octane), Motorine (Diesel), Kerosene and Euro Diesel) Maximum Sales Prices Order published in the Official Gazette, the price of 95 octane gasoline without lead is 11.65 TL per liter, The price of 98 octane was 11.89 TL, euro diesel price was 11.23 TL and kerosene was 11.13 TL.

    On December 7th, 95 octane unleaded gasoline was sold at 10.37 TL per liter, 98 octane unleaded gasoline from 10.58 TL per liter, Euro Dieselin from 10.09 TL per liter and kettle lite from 9.99 TL.


    According to the Goods and Services (Regulation and Inspection) (Class D Fuel (LPG) Maximum Sales Price) Order, the retail maximum sales price of 10 kilos of gas cannot be more than 180 TL.

    Before the hike, Gas was selling for 140 TL.

    Here are the new prices:

    95 octa 1.28 cents raised new price 11.65 TL

    98 octa 1.31 cents raised new price 11.85 TL

    Euro D 1.14 cents raised new price 11.23 TL

    G.oil up 1.12 cents at $11.13

    New Tube Gas Price announced!

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