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    From dust to storms this weekend

    This week’s heatwave will give way to isolated showers and storms this weekend with temperatures during the day dropping as much as 13 degrees lower, around the normal for this time of year.

    The low-pressure system from mainland Greece will be followed by a steady rise in temperatures from Monday morning, though a projected heatwave later next week, will not be as nearly as scorching as the 6 day one that has just subsided.

    Today, overcast skies will bring isolated showers, with storms from noon onwards.

    Winds will be southwesterly to northwesterly and in northern and eastern coastal regions, northeasterly to southeasterly, light to moderate, force three to four and strong force four to five in the afternoon, over slight to moderate seas.

    Temperatures, normal for May, 27 inland, in southern and eastern coastal regions, 25 in the rest of the coastal areas and 20 over the mountains.

    Isolated showers will carry on into the evening, with 15 degrees inland, the southern and eastern coastal regions, 18 in the rest of the coastal areas and 7 over the mountains.

    Storms will continue tomorrow, with the low-pressure system subsiding on Monday, with temperatures rising steadily.

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