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    First eight traffic cameras in 2020

    The first eight-speed cameras will be in operation in 2020 under a South Cyprus timetable to reintroduce traffic cameras to help stem the bloodshed on the roads.

    Tenders for a total of 110 cameras — 90 stationary and 20 mobile — were launched last week.

    The plan is for another 36 to operate in 2021 and another 66 in 2022

    The Justice Ministry is asking the House of Representatives to release €119,000 to pay for a study on where the 90 fixed cameras will be installed.

    The experts advising the government on the issue will study police statistics on black spots on the roads.

    Under the timetable submitted to parliament, the cameras will be installed over the period 2020 to 2022. The 20 mobile cameras will be used for spot checks.

    The pilot phase with four stationary and four mobile cameras will begin in 2020.

    Another 20 stationary and 16 mobile cameras will come into operation in 2021 and the remaining 66 stationary cameras will be installed in 2022.

    The total cost of buying and operating the cameras in the first five years has been estimated at about €35.2 m.

    South Cyprus has been without traffic cameras for 12 years after the company awarded the contract was successfully challenged in court by a competitor.

    Police have long been calling for the return of cameras they say will be instrumental in reducing fatalities and making roads safer.

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