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    Decisions of the Council of Ministers announced

    The Council of Ministers meeting was completed. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay announced the decisions taken at the Council of Ministers.

    The decisions of the Council of Ministers are as follows:

    – An agreement is signed between TR and TRNC in the field of health. The agreement signing process has started. According to the agreement the Republic of Turkey, ambulance, 20 thousand test kits, 2 PCR testing equipment will be donated.

    – Ministry of Health has been authorized to purchase 15 thousand PCR test kits.

    – Ministry of Health has been authorized to employ 15 geneticists.

    – In spite of practical difficulties in the transitions between South-North, additional measures are taken. The boards under the Ministry of Health will decide which additional measures to take to further reduce the risk.

    – In the context of the precautionary measures taken by some ministries, rapid and effective results will be taken and some personnel shifts will be made. For example, personnel transfer will be made to Girne Port.

    – We abolished the obligation to close the markets at 22:00 in the evening until the new system, which covers all markets, comes into effect.

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    – After some changes were made in the Police Promotion Regulation, it was decided to approve.

    – It was decided to amend the bylaws in such a way as to allow extension of work permits for those whose work permit expired due to the outbreak after the outbreak started.

    – We have also approved the motor vehicle and road traffic bill. establishment of vehicle inspection stations and special service.

    – The decision taken by the Board of the Electricity Authority has been approved. During the epidemic, an opportunity was created for those who could not pay the electricity debt. We have made a decision that creates a new installment option for those who could not pay their debts.

    – Contracts of some people working in the public sector have been extended.

    – We have sent the Draft Law on Military Service Amendment, which is linked to paid military service, to the parliament.

    In this context, 4 basic items are as follows:

    Prior to January 1, 2016, who do not do their fugitive obligations will be able to earn the loss of rights for a certain fee. There will be a change with some kind of amnesty.

    – Those who previously did not fulfill the remaining 15 days of military service for those who benefited from the special status found for education and work abroad will be deemed to have completed their military service by paying a thousand pounds.

    – Those who have earned the right from special status abroad due to education and work, and who have not fulfilled their military service yet, will be deemed to have served by paying 6 thousand pounds.

    – A special arrangement was made for our citizens who were born abroad or living abroad. until 31 December 2022 within the scope of their special status, they will be deemed to have done their military service by paying a thousand pounds.

    This regulation was approved by the decision of the Council of Ministers but will be approved at the General Assembly after being discussed in the committee. Then it will come into force with the approval of the president.

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