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    Covid: North Cyprus 68 Positive. South Cyprus 446 Positive, 4 deaths

    In today Cyprus, with 71,5300 Test, 670 Positive and one Death

    North Cyprus Numbers Numbers

    68 new Coivd-19 Cases in the last 24 hours

    The general situation of Covid-19 on April 10, 2021 is as follows;

    Number of Tests Conducted Today: 7698 Number of Positive Cases Detected Today: 68

    Number of Cases from Out of Country: 2 

    Number of Contact Cases Positive in Quarantine: 11 

    Number of Local Cases: 55 Number of Patients Recovered and Discharged Today: 35 

    Patient Lost Today: Total Number of Tests Performed: 821,636

    Total Number of Cases: 5013

    Number of Healed and Total Discharged Cases: 4333

    Number of Cases Continuing Treatment: 653

    Number of Patients in Pandemic Center: 91         

    Number of Cases Followed at Pandemic Hotels: 559

    Total Number of Patients Lost: 27

    Number of Patients Hospitalized in Intensive Care: 3

    “Total 7698 tests were done, 55 local 68 positive cases were found, 35 people were discharged” The number of tests performed in the last 24 hours was 7698, and 35 people were discharged from 55 local 68 positive cases.

    2 people came to our country by air from abroad. 11 persons are the contacts of previously detected cases and are under surveillance during this period.

    55 people are local cases.

    18 people are from Nicosia, 15 people are from Famagusta, 19 people are from Kyrenia, 3 people are from Iskele Region.

    Distribution of cases by region Nicosia Nicosia Center-3 / Taşkınköy-3 / Surlariçi-2 / Gönyeli-5 / Haspolat-1 / Yenikent-2 / Köşklüçiftlik-2 Girne Girne Center- 15 / Çatalköy-1 / Lapta-1 / Pınarbaşı-1 / Kozanköy-1

    Famagusta Famagusta Center -9 / Kaliland-1 / Alaniçi-1 / Sakarya-1 / Geçitkale-1 / Mormenekşe-1 Maraş-1

    Pier Kuzucuk-2 / Spa-1

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    South Cyprus Numbers

    Of the 49,314 diagnoses made today, 4,401 were made by the molecular method (PCR) and 44,913 by the antigen rapid test, 446 cases of COVID-19 were identified, which resulted as follows:

    • 93 cases from 976 samples received through the process of tracking contacts of already confirmed cases.
    • 3 cases of 1,273 samples taken as part of a passenger check at Larnaca and Paphos Airports.
    • 54 cases from 1,707 samples taken through private initiative.
    • 11 cases from 256 samples taken from the Microbiological Laboratories of the General Hospitals.
    • 11 cases from 554 samples tested by the antigen rapid test method in private clinical laboratories and pharmacies.
    • 274 cases from 44,359 samples tested by the antigen rapid test method.

    In addition, the following laboratory tests were performed without detecting a case:

    • 189 samples taken under the program of referrals by Personal Physicians and control of special groups through the Public Health Clinics.

    In detail, the rapid antigen test (rapid test) was performed today as follows:

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