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    TRNC: Covid-19 violation prosecutions reach 1,974

    So far up to yesterday, 1,974 people are due to be prosecuted for breaking the imposed rules set by the TRNC Government to combat the Covid-19 Pandemic.

    Between March 23rd and April 27th, 1,313 people were arrested for violating the partial curfew, and 606 were arrested 9 pm and 6 am. In addition, 32 business owners were arrested for opening illegally.

    17 people were caught not wearing a mask since the requirement came in on Friday the 24th of April.

    6 people also broke their quarantine conditions.

    All were released after statements were taken. Legal action has been initiated against them. They are expected to be prosecuted and brought to court. Under the law, the police do not have the authority to impose a penalty only the courts are able to do that.

    The Council of Ministers set these penalties as a fine of 10% of the minimum wage, a one-year or two-year prison sentence or both.

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