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    Covid 19 peaking again in the South, almost 200 cases today, over 4500 infections in total

    South Cyprus The Health Ministry announced one hundred and ninety seven new cases of Covid-19 infections over the past 24 hours out of three thousand sixty three tests, raising the total number to four thousand 563.

    According to authorities, the average is now one in eleven testing positive, with 181 of the 197 cases being confirmed in the community and just 16 at airports. The ministry notes 39 new cases in Kyperounta over the past few days.

    The break-down of new patients:

    • 81 through tracing (300 tests)
    • 73 through private initiative (826 tests)
    • 16 from expatriates/passengers (978 tests)
    • Ten from public hospital labs (130 tests)
    • Four from GP referrals and special patient groups (261 tests)
    • One from football clubs (33 tests)
    • Four from students and teachers (254 tests)
    • Eight cases from Kyperounta (250 tests)
    •  Four out of migrant structures (78 tests)

    26 patients with Covid-19 are being treated at the Famagusta General, including four in the ICU. Moreover, five patients remain intubated at the ICU of the Nicosia General Hospital and another eight in the COVID-19 unit.

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