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    Arıklı: The name of our state will be changed to Turkish Republic of Cyprus

    YDP President Erhan Arıklı in his speech; “At the end of 45 years, a serious turning point in the Cyprus issue has been announced. Federation-based negotiations have been declared collapsed.

    either we look for ways of interacting with the world without being recognized as Taiwan or Monaco or the State, as in Nakhchivan models and defense as an independent country inside connected to Turkey, we will continue our way, “he said.

    “Since the collapse of the Soviets in 1990, 42 states have declared their independence and became a member of the UN.

    There is no single state that united during this time, self-terminating and establishing a federation.

    TRNC Foreign Ministry condemns bus attack

    Cyprus Turkish Republic of Turkey Cooperation Association Chairman Aydogan Rüşat In his speech over the years says they are in favor of the name change to the Turkish Republic of Cyprus; If there is the Republic of Cyprus, there must be the Turkish Republic of Cyprus “. Rüşat Aydoğan also stated that the Turkish Cypriots will always be the voice of the community. Ar Mr. Arıklı is the voice of common sense in the TRNC Republican Assembly.

    YDP President Erhan Arıklı

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