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    Amnesty for Foreigners approved!

    Parliament voted unanimously to adopt the Foreigners and Immigration (Amendment) Bill, which envisions immigration amnesty.

    At today’s TRNC session of the General Assembly of the Republican Assembly, it voted unanimously to adopt the Foreigners and Immigration (Amendment) Bill, which stipulates a pardon for immigration.

    TDP Leader Cemal Özyiğit, who received the first mention in the speeches on the bill, said that there are commutes to and from each country, but that they depend on a number of rules in other countries. “However, the ins and outs of this country were never inspected,” he said, pointing out that there were people coming to the country without money in their pockets.

    Ozyiğit noted that some of these people got married and had children after starting work and requested citizenship over time, and said this was due to lack of supervision.

    Özyiğit stated that it is not acceptable to grant citizenship to people who are born and raised in Nicosia Surichi or who do not live here but who make regular commutes while those who are excluded because of their ethnicity.

    Özyiğit argued that there are foreigners in the country who are made more citizens than their own citizens, and that if there is a need for jobs and employment in the country, after the need for intermediate staff is provided, white identity can be obtained from the employment and labor institution, provided that they are not made citizens, but those whose term has expired should be sent back to their countries.

    The criteria for amnesty should also be re-determined in the country, Özyiğit stated that with these pardons, those who do not and cannot are put in the same category.

    Özyiğit said his vote on the bill would be rejected.

    CTP MP Dogus Derya said the government came to Parliament with these two bills in order to fulfill their promises to some places.

    Derya stated that a finished government has created a structure that normalizes lying, and noted that the exploitation of foreign labor is packaged with a bill.

    Derya stated that the CTP stands against the exploitation of the workforce by being brought to the country, regardless of which nationality it is from, and argued that in times of economic crisis, foreign labor is seen as a force to steal the bread of the domestic workforce.

    Derya expressed their opposition to the exploitation of people and criticized the inability to carry out our own population control in the country.


    Independent MP Bertan Zaroglu, referring to the amnesty law passed in 2019, said there was also a grievance there because it was caught up in the pandemic.

    Zaroglu stated that an amnesty would be needed again if the law passed, and expressed the opinion that a one-off general amnesty should be issued.

    Pointing out that people who have suffered should be saved from it, Zaroglu said that he thinks this law should be passed and that the vote on the bill will be positive.

    After the speeches, the draft law was read and voted on. The bill was passed by a majority of votes.

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