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    7 Useful Selfie Hacks to Attract Women

    It’s done every day by millions of people around the world. And even several times a day. Nowadays selfie – is a fashionable, popular and already almost traditional word. In social networks, people like selfie by 38% more than other photos. And such photos are commented by 32% more often. But not everyone knows how to take selfie beautifully and correctly. 

    Contrary to possible beliefs, today’s guys love selfie no less than girls. Because it can become an exclusive visiting card for a man: what places he visits, what he likes, where he works.So we collected advice on how to make selfies to attract women.

    1. Take a simple pose

    Although the general idea and approach to selfie are universal, in terms of the choice of postures for men, the rule is: keep it simple. A man who takes a sophisticated pose is most likely be considered not an original, but a narcissist.

    1. Watch the background

    For men it’s better to concentrate on the background, or action. For example, very often men make selfie while practicing extreme sports using a monopod, or in a gym. Such selfies are perceived with enthusiasm on social networks. And, men, there is a little trick: to emphasize the shoulders, turn your body to the camera, and the hips – to the side.

    By the way, don’t believe those who say that monopods are “sissy stuff.” Selfie, performed on a monopod isn’t tied to gender. The main thing is to use the monopod in place. That is selfie on a yacht, cable car, or a horse – it’s cool. But selfie made on your monopod, lying in bed – is a surplus.

    1. Smile

    Try to share a sincere smile: don’t pose a good half hour, stretching your lips. The tension is always visible, and it doesn’t add beauty. If you can’t immediately make a successful shot, it’s better to take a break, change your environment and pose, think about something pleasant or even do what you love, and then pick up the phone.

    1. Selfie with friends

    A bright, memorable selfie with friends will leave unforgettable impressions, cheer up and bring a lot of positive emotions. To make a successful photo shoot, use the following recommendations of professionals:

    • A person doing selfies should be located in the middle of a friendly company so that everyone can get into the shot; 
    • Put the camera on standby, agreeing with friends about the emotional coloring of photos and poses; 
    • To process photos, use the built-in filters, as well as special programs on other media.
    1. Extreme selfie

    Self-stick is a long telescopic stick for shooting yourself, or a company at some distance. The arms length isn’t enough to cover a larger background, capturing yourself and the world around you in an extreme situation. You can do selfie in the most original natural poses, in unusual or most tremendous places in the world:

    • on the roof of a skyscraper; 
    • in the sky, jumping with parachute;
    • deeply under, or waterskiing;
    • in an amusement park on a rollercoaster;
    • traveling on a salt lake;
    • above the steep with boiling waterfalls.
    1. In a nightclub

    Spending time with friends at a disco is a great entertainment. “Club Selfie” will help to leave a memory of a steep evening in the best nightclub of the city. Unconstrained poses, funny smiles and high spirits are the ideal components of a bright selfie. Do you like to dance? Selfies of your dances will perfectly replenish your photo collection.

    1. Photo with animals

    Photo with animals – is very cute, touching and sometimes funny. Pets are excellent in any position, so the main man’s concern for a good selfie is himself. Soft embrace with your favorite cat or dog emphasizes your tenderness and love for the pet, girls love it. Funny selfie with dogs will cheer up, and pictures with exotic pandas, koalas, camels will remind of a wonderful rest in the most beautiful places of the world. Whatever posture you take, don’t forget about fidelity and naturalness of the image. Such photos may lead to further correspondence. Especially it’s popular among European girls. To learn more, start online Ukraine dating.

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