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    10 countries with the highest probability of second wave in coronavirus

    The coronavirus (COVID-19), which first appeared in Wuhan, China in the last days of 2019, has affected millions of people worldwide. 

    The precautions against the epidemic that caused so many death in almost every country on our planet have been relaxed in many regions. 

    The relaxation of some of the countermeasures that many countries have taken against the epidemic in the past months has opened up to debate whether the coronavirus will cause a second wave. 

    Oxford University, one of the leading educational institutions in England, announced the 10 countries with the highest probability of a second wave in coronavirus (COVID-19). 

    According to this statement, the 10 countries where the second wave is most likely to occur in coronavirus pandemics are respectively; Germany, Ukraine, USA, Switzerland, Bangladesh, France, Sweden, Iran, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. 

    According to the report in the British newspaper The Guardian, Oxford University has reached these results with its research in 45 countries and 25 thousand cases. 

    Turkey, Belgium, Canada, Poland, Pakistan, UAE, Belarus, Italy, Spain, Singapore and the Netherlands, although the number of cases in the country was cited as the relaxation of measures not seen the biggest increase.

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