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In this book you will learn how to put on a successful event series that can generate revenue, and become either your main business, or generate leads and exposure to your main business.In this book I walk you through event planning and management fundamentals, and then explain how you can get significant growth in attendance.By the end of this event marketing and management book you will understand the best ways to make money from your events, and how to grow attendance.I welcome you to get this book, and I look forward to helping you create the best event series possible.Latest books update: May 2016In the latest update of this event marketing book I added more information on event marketing. You will now learn the event marketing that you can do to boost attendance before the event, event marketing you can do during the event to create buzz around your event on social media as it is happening, and strategies you can implement after the event to ensure that the people who attended are happiest, and are most likely to attend your upcoming events. Plus there are email marketing strategies you can implement to ensure that with every event you put on, your own email list grows larger and larger. The latest version of the book an event management checklist to help you make your events more organized, and have better promotion.What is covered in this event marketing and management book?Event marketing – I want your events to grow, so event marketing has the biggest focus in this event marketing book.Event planning – proper event planning is important for your overall event success. This is why you need to have a solid plan for what to do before, during and after the events, and I’ll cover that in this event marketing, planning and management book.Event management – your events will be much more likely grow and be successful if you manage them well, and new people come back and invite friends. So your events must be very high quality. This is why event management is extremely important, and I’ll cover how to make your events run smoothly so that your attendees are happy.Who this event marketing and event management book is ideally forBusiness owners who want a new way to promote their business and convert event attendees into clientsBusiness owners who are looking for a new revenue stream for their businessPeople starting an event series or a single event, who need to know how to run events, and how to promote eventsIf you are experienced in the event industry: this event marketing book might not be ideal for you, BUT you might still find a lot of tidbits that might help you do better, and promote more effectively.Hobby and interest group meetingsBusiness eventsFestivals and music showsSmall concerts and entertainment eventsTechnology events with speakersOutdoor events as for hiking groups for exampleGet more people for your city tours for city guidesConference events (small conferences)Charity eventsFundraisersMeetupsGet the book now, learn how to manage and promote events, and take the first step to creating your own successful events today!

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