UN to carry out a mission with a view to find out if differences can be bridged


Anastasiades said on Sunday that he expects that the UN will carry out a mission on the Cyprus problem, with a view to find out whether existing differences can be bridged.

In statements to the media, in the framework of an anti-occupation rally organized by Morphou municipality, Anastasiades expressed the belief that a mission will take place in an effort to find out whether differences can be bridged, adding that some ideas can contribute and facilitate the resumption of the dialogue. He noted, however, that this does not necessarily mean that negotiations will resume.

Responding to a question, Anastasiades expressed the belief that the UN Secretary General`s report on Cyprus will probably refer to this issue.

Asked if the UNSG`s envoy Jane Holl Lute appears to be ready to undertake this mission, Anastasiades said that this is up to the Secretary General.

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