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    U.S. records 1,000 coronavirus deaths for 4th day

    Friday marked the fourth straight day the United States recorded more than 1,000 deaths from COVID-19. Total cases across the United States rose by nearly 69,000 on Friday to a total of over 4 million. The numbers have been driven in large part by a surge in infections in Arizona, Florida, Texas and California. But top White House advisor on the pandemic Dr Deborah Birx told NBC news she saw signs that numbers were beginning to plateau in those four states. Birx’s comments came as federal health and education officials stressed the need for children to return to in-class instruction. The American public and its leaders have been sharply divided over whether students should return to school in the fall. This also comes as the CDC reported Friday that a recent study found that even young, previously healthy adults can take weeks to fully recover from a mild COVID-19 infection. Cough, fatigue and shortness of breath were among the symptoms reported while testing that persisted even weeks later, according to the report.
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