Turkish police nab Serbian mafia boss by tracking Russian lover

The leader of Serbia’s most notorious criminal organization was nabbed in Turkey earlier this month after Turkish police tracked his Russian girlfriend, according to a local report.

Habertürk news website published Sept. 27 more details about Turkey’s arrest and deportation of Jovica Vukotic, the leader of the Skaljari criminal organization.

Vukotic was nabbed by the police while leaving a shopping mall in a luxurious car in the southern Turkish province of Antalya’s Lara district on Sept. 8, following a tipoff from Serbian authorities.

Turkish officials found out the man had entered Turkey with a fake passport under the name of Georgie Andonov.

He was deported to Serbia hours after his arrest.

According to Habertürk, Turkish police located Vukotic by tracking his Russian girlfriend Ekaterina Petchenko, a fashion model.

Vukotic was sought by Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Greece for a series of crimes including multiple murders and drug smuggling.

He was also known to have close ties with Luka Bojovic who had assassinated Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic in 2003.