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    Turkish Cypriot given land and 25,000 grant yearly

    Not only a T/C employee of the T/C Management Service was given 884,622 s.m. of T/C land but it seems that the South Cyprus state was also giving him a grant of approximately 25,000 euros per year. The man was been hired in 1991.

    According to Phileleftheros information, the grant was paid until 2016 when the amount changed. He was given the property on 1/11/2009, so if the grant had started in 2010, then by 2016 he would have received 175,000 euros.

    The South Cyprus Auditor General will investigate whether the man receives other grants for other T/C properties he or his family have.

    In addition to the above property, his wife has a plot of land and his daughter a house. In total, all members of the family seem to have five houses.

    Phileleftheros already reported that the said Turkish Cypriot is not entitled to T/C properties since he and his family have properties in South Cyprus.

    The issue of employees and members of committees who have T/C properties will be discussed before the House Refugee Committee today.

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