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    Turkey to become ‘air bridge’ for British tourists

    Turkey is set to be included among “air bridge” countries for British holidaymakers when the government plans to relax travel restrictions on July 6, UK newspaper the Daily Express reported on Sunday.

    The UK government is expected to introduce the bridges, allowing UK residents to travel in Europe, with a number of countries as of next week, it said.

    The routes would allow tourists to travel freely between certain approved countries without being forced into mandatory quarantine by either country.

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to approve foreign holidays on Monday with air bridges in ten countries in Europe due to be announced.

    Travel to Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey have been confirmed, the Daily Express said.

    Turkey, a population destination for many European nations, has prepared its venues for foreigners by applying preventive and hygienic measures based on international standards.

    As of early June, Turkey ended pandemic restrictions, including the opening of malls, mosques and restaurants.

    Due to the rising death toll and infection, many countries have placed their own bans on British nationals.

    The UK has had the worst death rate in Europe, with over 42,000 registered deaths directly caused by coronavirus so far.

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