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    TRNC: Important info For Takeaway Businesses (UPDATED)

    Council of Ministers has announced that workplaces that would like to start package service from 11 May should apply to the Ministry of Health by the end of business on Tuesday, 5 May, to have Covid-19 tests.

    According to the statement made by the Ministry of Health, all restaurants, patisseries, pastry shops, kebabs, doner kebabs, pita, pizza places such as fast food, kiosks, sandwiches and takeaway places can only serve on-site takeaway. Employers must apply to the Ministry of Health to make applications for the necessary Covid-19 tests for their employees.

    In order to make applications faster and more easily, these places have been allocated where the applications for Covid-19 testing can be made are listed as follows:
    By going to the Ministry of Health

    or sending an e-mail to the arsiv.saglik@gov.ct.tr email

    The closest municipalities in the area of the business.

    Cengiz Topel Hospital

    Kyrenia Akçiçek Hospital

    Famagusta State Hospital

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    The application requires, the address of the workplace, how many staff will be employed and their names.

    The Ministry of Health will provide information on which dates and where the Covid -19 tests will be conducted, it was emphasized that it is important to apply by May 5th, since all tests must be completed by May 11  otherwise the workplaces will not be opened.

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