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    TRNC Covid: 105 positive cases

    “A total of 8539 tests were carried out, 105 positive cases were found,” 

    The number of tests carried out in the last 24 hours is 8539, and 105 positive cases, and 34 people were discharged. 

    95 people are from Nicosia, 1 person is from Kyrenia, 2 people are from Famagusta, 2 people are from the Güzelyurt Region. 

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    Distribution of cases by region 


    Metehan -90 / Çağlayan-1 / Gonyeli-1 / K.Kaymaklı-3 




    Famagusta Center-1 / Beyarmudu-1 


    Guzelyurt Center-2 

    The general situation of Covid-19 on May 31, 2021 is as follows; 

    Number of Tests Performed Today: 8539  

    Number of Positive Cases Detected Today: 105  

    Number of Cases from abroad:  

    Number of Contact Cases Positive in Quarantine: 5 

    Number of Local Cases: 100 

    Number of Patients Recovered and Discharged Today: 34 

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    Patient Disappeared Today:  

    Total Number of Tests Performed: 1,219,610 

    Total Number of Cases: 7229 

    Total Number of Cases Recovered and Discharged: 6965 

    Number of Cases in Progress: 322   

    Number of Patients in the Pandemic Center: 29 

    Number of Cases Followed Up in Pandemic Hotels: 249   

    Number of Cases with Continuing Investigations: 42 

    Total Number of Patients Disappeared: 33 

    Number of Inpatients in Intensive Care: 2 

    Current figures linked to the Stay Safe app 

    Number of Bracelets Weared in the
    Last 24 Hours : 268 Number of Bracelets Tracked in the    Last 24 Hours: 429 

    Stay Safe General table 

    Total Tracked Bracelets: 2227 

    Total Number of Bracelets Tracked: 6857 


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