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    TRNC: 703 tests performed, 1 positive case

    Minister of Health Ali Pilli explained that the number of tests carried out in the last 24 hours was 703, 1 positive case was encountered, and the case came to our country by air.

    Minister of Health Ali Pilli explained that the number of tests carried out in the last 24 hours was 703, 1 positive case was encountered, and the case came to our country by air.

    currently, no patients undergoing intensive care, Pilli stated that 23 cases were detected in 23 days, that an average of 1 positive case per day appeared in our country, the Ministry of Health has the necessary infrastructure and health teams to treat the emerging cases.

    Pilli said that 5 of the 23 cases were discharged after completing their treatment, 9 of the 18 cases were kept in the quarantine service in the hospital, and the other 9 cases were under observation at the Pandemic Hotel, they would be discharged if the test results were negative.

    Pointing out that the contact follow-ups of 23 cases detected since July 1 have been made,

    all 23 cases came to our country from abroad, there were no contact positive cases in our country, and all screenings were carried out by the teams.

    Pilli also emphasized that PCR tests were carried out for all those who have shown Fever and Cough at  Polyclinics and other hospitals with complaints, and there were no positive cases,

    there were no positive cases in the 14-day repeat tests performed for all TRNC citizens working in the South.

    Addressing some news in the press today, Minister Pilli said that the news that the Urology Service will be evacuated does not reflect the reality, and that such a decision is not in question.

    Pilli stated that there are some recommendations made by the Communicable Diseases Committee established under the Ministry of Health and that these decisions are being evaluated and will be shared with the public.

    Our people should not respect the baseless news, He pointed out that the public was transparently informed by the Ministry of Health.

    Minister Pilli once again pointed to the importance of the rules for our health and reminded that we should absolutely follow the rules of mask use, social distance and hygiene.

    Noting that some circles have suggested that there is a lack of medical equipment and infrastructure, but we have enough, Minister Pilli said that in addition to our existing stocks, there is sufficient stock coming from TC as a grant.

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    Our current stocks are listed below.

    • A total of 10 thousand liters of hand disinfectant

    • 30 thousand protective overalls

    • 10 thousand surgical masks

    • 200 thousand surgical masks in the Pharmaceutical and Pharmacy Department

    • 14 Thousand visors

    • 120 Thousand shoe covers

    • 10 thousand boots overshoes

    • 3 thousand surgical sterile gowns

    • Total 152 ventilators

    • 50 monitors

    • 30 infusion pumps are also available to be used in Covid-19 treatment.

    Medical materials donated by the Turkish Ministry of Health Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency apart from our existing stocks

    • 10 ventilator screens and units

    • 10 ventilator foot sets

    • 10 ventilator accessory sets

    • 50 Thousand N95 Masks

    • 100 thousand surgical masks

    • 5 thousand pieces of 50 overalls

    • 15 Thousand pieces of 40 overalls

    • 2 biosecurity cabins

    • 1 biosafety cabinet accessories

    • 2 PCR devices

    • 20 Thousand PCR test kits

    • 20 Thousand viral nucleic acid isolation kits


    23 July 2020 Covid-19 general situation is as follows;

    Number of Tests Performed Today: 703

    Number of Positive Cases detected today: 1

    Number of Healed and Discharged Cases- 3

    Number of Cases Lost Today – no

    Total Number of Tests Performed- 60,728

    Total Number of Cases- 131

    Number of Healed and Total Discharged Cases – 109

    Number of Cases Under Treatment – 18

    Total Number of Lost Patients- 4

    Number of Patients Hospitalized in Intensive Care – no

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