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TRNC: 6 Merit Staff Quarantined! (Update)


gundemkibris reporting

6 hotel employees working in Cyprus Merit have now been quarantined

After the arrival of a middle-aged male, who came to our country from abroad at 02:00 last night, The coronavirus test was positive, the people that the tourist was in contact with were investigated.

According to the measures put into practice by the Ministry of Health, the person, who allegedly did not stay in his room until the test result came out, admitted that after his second test was positive, he went to the casino and spent about 6-7 hours there until the morning.

Thereupon, the Covid-19 tests were carried out by the authorities on the hotel staff that the positive person was in contact with,  6 employees who was in contact with the positive person at the hotel have been quarantined.

the Public are demanding that Ali Pilli quarantine the Merit Hotels and take immediate action to protect publics health.

Citizens are asking why Merit Hotel is not quarantined,

why the person was not kept in his room by the hotel security until the test result was released, and that the hotel security allowed him to go to the casino to gamble.

(Update: gundemkibris reported the staff as positive at the time and has now changed the headline to quarantined, staff at the hotel have not tested positive)